ProAmpac, a flexible packaging company, announced that it is producing its first ProActive Renewable products for the baby food market with Bimbosan®’s newest premium baby formula, cereal supplements & cereal paps.
The new bag, which uses 65% bio-based resin in the sealant layer, was a collaborative innovation between Bimbosan, a producer of premium specialty baby food, and ProAmpac.

Bimbosan’s premium baby formula, cereal supplements & cereal paps uses ProAmpac’s ProActive Renewable solution, containing a bio-based resin that comes from non-fossil fuel sources. The flat-bottom form fill sealed bag contains more than 65% bio-resin in the sealant layer and results in the total package being comprised of over 40% bio-based material. The cultivation of bio-resins uses carbon dioxide and released oxygen to give bioplastic a negative carbon footprint.