and Hostess Brands, LLC teamed up to bring two special protein powder flavors to the sports nutrition world. Launching under the new brand Remix Nutrition are HostessTM TwinkiesTM and HostessTM Chocolate CupCakes flavored protein powders.
Remix Nutrition and Hostess Brands are a match, bringing consumers iconic Hostess Twinkies and CupCakes flavored protein powders that are a tasty addition to workout regimens. 

Consumers can use Remix Nutrition's new Premium Protein Blend product any time of day as a tasty way to increase protein intake, bounce back after workouts, and build lean muscle. It can be a simple shake with water or milk and is a useful addition to smoothies and baked goods as well.
Remix Nutrition Premium Protein Blend combines five kinds of protein: whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, whey isolate, micellar casein, and egg white protein. The company claims that the protein blend is better than a single source because it provides fast-digesting protein for post-workout recovery and slow-digesting protein to keep people full longer. And while this protein powder tastes sweet, there's only 1g of natural sugar (from milk) and no added sugar.