Arzeda, the Protein Design Company™, announced that biotechnology veteran Doug Cameron, PhD has joined the company's board of directors. Cameron brings three decades of experience in commercializing food and agriculture biotechnology products.
Arzeda's protein design technology platform enables the design of proteins and enzymes never evolved in nature to expand the reach of biotechnology. With successful partnerships already underway to commercialize industrial enzymes and sustainable chemicals with companies such as BP and Amyris, there are additional opportunities for the application of Arzeda's protein design platform in sustainable food and nutrition. In the field of sustainable food and nutrition ingredients, Arzeda's designer proteins can be used both as products and processing aids to unlock commercialization of natural ingredients difficult or impossible to produce economically with current technology.
Cameron's long career in the science and business of biobased products has made him one of the most experienced professionals in the industry. After two decades in academia at the University of Wisconsin and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cameron led biotechnology R&D for Cargill before serving as CSO at Khosla Ventures and managing director of several biotech venture funds.