Wicked Foods, a plant-based food brand and UK market leader in plant-based meals, snacks and ingredients has announced the Summer 2021 launch of its pioneering product line in the US. The brand was created by world-renowned chefs and brothers Derek and Chad Sarno, who are recognized globally for their innovative approach to delicious chef-driven, plant-based cuisine.
Wicked Foods is the real-world expression of the Sarno brothers’ personal mission to make a difference in the lives of humans and animals globally through more sustainable and exciting plant-based meal solutions.
The expansion to North America aligns with changes already taking place among US consumers with more than 10 million Americans now following a plant-based diet, a number that grows exponentially every year. Additionally, meat consumption is on the decline with nearly one in four (23%) Americans saying they cut back on eating meat in the past year due to health and environmental concerns, according to a Gallup poll released in January 2020.
Wicked’s flavor-packed vegan ready-meals and fresh offerings launched with 20 products under the Wicked Kitchen brand in January 2018 at Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK with more than 3,700 stores. The launch of the innovative plant-based meals made headlines for its smashing success and impressive consumer response. Since then, Tesco has extended the line to more than 80 products across the store. Additionally, the retailer recently announced a five-year commitment to offer even more plant-based foods and increase sales of meat alternatives by 300%.
Entering the global market, Wicked Foods will continue to capitalize on growing demand for great-tasting foods that are free from animals by increasing availability and providing convenient meal solutions.
Wicked Foods creatively challenges perceptions of what can be done with plants in grab-and-go and ready-in-minutes foods that are, in equal part, visually stunning, nutritionally satisfying and, of course, wicked delicious. Driven by the Sarno brothers’ culinary credentials and exacting high standards, Wicked Foods highlights the power of plants in changing the way the world eats by creating best-in-class vegan food for meat eaters.