Consumer enthusiasm for plant-based foods continues to grow unabated. This is also affecting the beverage market. Market research company Persistence Market Research (PMR) predicts annual growth rates exceeding 6% for plant-based drinks through 2028. 

And that’s not all: The “plant-based revolution,” as Innova Market Insights terms this top trend, opens further value-add potential. Fortification with micronutrients gives products additional health value. Plant-based alternatives to dairy products are by far the strongest category, according to Innova. 

SternVitamin has developed special micronutrient premixes for this segment that upgrade plant-based drinks based on oats and other protein sources. Its new SternHeartV, SternGutV and SternBonesV premixes let manufactures align plant-based drinks precisely to the special needs of specific target groups. 

* For example, SternHeartV addresses athletes, professionals with high-stress jobs and older people. This micronutrient combination of B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, iodine and zinc supports normal homocysteine metabolism and the formation of new red blood cells. In addition, it contributes to optimum muscle function and to protecting the cells from oxidative stress. 

* For keeping bones healthy into advanced age, there is SternBonesV for plant-based drinks. Its combination of vitamin D, vitamin K2, magnesium and calcium helps maintain bone health, and is appropriate for women in all age groups, vegans, and lactose-intolerant persons who want to be sure of getting a good calcium supply from plant-based products. 

* Manufacturers of plant-based drinks with SternGutV can reach a broad audience. This premix supports the gut-associated immune system, through a combination of micronutrients for strengthening immune defenses, and fibers with prebiotic and immune-modulating properties. Whether stress at work or study, whether professional or weekend athlete, plant-based drinks with SternGutV support the immune system and help it perform well. At the same time they offer good taste and a pleasant mouth feel. 

According to PMR, one of the main goals in the development of plant-based alternatives is to meet consumers’ nutrition preferences, i.e. to offer added health benefits without compromising on taste. 

SternVitamin achieves this goal through its close cooperation with Planteneers, whose expertise in plant-based alternatives provides for full flavor enjoyment while SternVitamin supplies the added health benefits. At their own Plant Based Competence Center these sister companies develop attractive combinations of ingredients for a wide range of applications to meet the individual wishes of specific customers. The health benefits of these premixes can be marketed effectively on the drink packages using EU-approved Health Claims. 

About SternVitamin:

Germany’s SternVitamin GmbH & Co. KG in Ahrensburg near Hamburg offers full service in micronutrient premixes. Working to customer requirements, the company develops individual vitamin and mineral mixes that also include functional ingredients like amino acids and plant extracts. These micronutrient mixes are suitable for enriching foods, beverages and nutritional supplements. 

As a subsidiary of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, SternVitamin always has access to the concentrated expertise and modern applications technology of its sister companies. These are Mühlenchemie for flour improvers, DeutscheBack for baking ingredients, Hydrosol for stabilising systems, Planteneers for plant-based products, HERZA Schokolade for functional chocolate pieces and bar production, OlbrichtArom for flavourings, SternEnzym for enzymes (baked goods and confections, alcohol and beer production) and Sternchemie for food lipids (including lecithin, MCT oil, red palm oil and spray-dried coconut milk). Sister company SternMaid works in the contract manufacture of powdered foods and nutritional supplements. 

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