GT's COCOYO, from GT's Living Foods, debuted refreshed labels that bring a brighter and bolder label to the yogurt aisle. GT's COCOYO is crafted with raw young coconut meat and cultured to probiotic perfection, unlike the traditional yogurt category that is primarily based on dairy. The rich, creamy, and fully fermented coconut yogurt takes the digestion support and immunity-boosting benefits the company is known for beyond its beverage line, creating a complete and nutritious offering of probiotic diversity.
All four of the brand's COCOYO flavors, including Cacao, Pure, Raspberry, and Vanilla have been updated with vibrant packaging as a part of the line refresh. The new-look reflects distinct pops of color for each product and unifies the line with a modern, sleek shine, symbolic of the internal and external light that beams from within when people make mindful choices to better their health and wellness.
COCOYO is made with simple, clean ingredients, no gums, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no stabilizers, and no preservatives; and contains 100 billion living probiotics per serving.
The new-look will be rolling out in stores nationwide throughout the month of December into 2021.