Breakfast just got more educational with the launch of Sesame Street Cereal, made by General Mills. The new cereal, which started to appear on store shelves in January, supports growing bodies with many essential nutrients and engages curious young minds with activities and stories. The cereal features two varieties: berry flavor with number-shaped pieces and cinnamon flavor with letter-shaped pieces, and the back of each box opens like a book, featuring dual-language (English and Spanish) short stories with Elmo.
Cereal is an easy, affordable way to deliver the nutrients kids need. As the number one source of whole grain at breakfast and just $0.50 per serving on average when paired with low-fat milk, cereal is hard to beat. Sesame Street Cereal supports the growing bodies of its young fans, delivering many key nutrients, including:
• Good source of fiber, to help support little tummies
• Good Source of Calcium and Vitamin D, to help build strong bones
• Good source of Vitamin E, an essential nutrient
To create meaningful playful learning opportunities at breakfast, Sesame Street Cereal boxes offer games and six dual-language stories with everyone’s favorite 3.5-year-old monster, Elmo. Story themes include Elmo Visits the Farm, Elmo’s Day at School, On the Go with Elmo, and others. Each story follows Elmo and his friends as they play and learn on Sesame Street and prompts questions to help kids stretch their imaginations, engage in counting, recognize shapes and letters, and more.
For over 50 years, Sesame Street, produced by the nonprofit organization Sesame Workshop, has delivered not only school-readiness lessons promoting literacy and numeracy, but also age-appropriate guidance on healthy habits, self-expression and self-regulation, empathy, friendship, and much more.