Rival Foods, a plant-based gastronomy start-up, and LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collection of heritage and start-up brands, announced they will enter into a partnership to create the perfect plant-based chicken, helping consumers make sustainable choices without compromise.
Through this collaboration, Rival Foods and LIVEKINDLY Collective will be able to leverage complementary knowledge and resources, providing a new model for rapid product innovation.

Rival Foods has developed and commercialized a production process to transform plant-based ingredients into high-quality textured protein foods with an unparalleled fibrous texture, rich mouthfeel and juiciness, using very few clean-label ingredients.
LIVEKINDLY Collective is building a robust ecosystem of founder-led plant-based brands under the leadership of global food executives, including Oumph!, The Fry Family Food Co. and LikeMeat, and the company's media and lifestyle platform, LIVEKINDLY. The company actively collaborates with frontrunners in the plant-based protein industry at all levels of the value chain, from "farm to fork," supported by a global network of suppliers, distributors, and customers.