Memphis Meats, a company operating in cell-cultured meat, poultry and seafood (also known as cultured meat) became UPSIDE Foods. The move signifies that the company is now ready for business with its first consumer product: chicken.
UPSIDE Foods founded the field of cultured meat in 2015. With the announcement, it is making good on its founding promise to consumers that they could continue to enjoy their favorite foods humanely and sustainably. With this major milestone on that journey, they are also announcing that UPSIDE Foods' chicken will be available to consumers this year, pending regulatory review.
Grown completely from animal cells, the UPSIDE chicken is real meat cultivated without the need to raise an animal, and is not a plant-based meat alternative. Chicken was chosen as UPSIDE Food's launchpad to commercialization because it is quickly becoming the meat of choice for consumers around the world, and its versatility lends itself to a diverse set of recipes and culinary applications spanning geographic regions and styles.
To create this sustainable meat at scale, UPSIDE Foods has broken ground on a pilot plant in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first custom-built for meat cultivation, the end-to-end facility will produce, package and ship cultured meat at a larger scale than any other company in the industry, all under one roof. With meat demand expected to double in the next 30 years, meeting this demand is unsustainable using current production methods. The UPSIDE Foods' pilot plant will be an international model for creating real, delicious, resource-efficient meat.

With an optimistic and approachable brand tone and a vibrant, uplifting color palette, the UPSIDE Foods brand aims to bring consumers along the journey of improving our food system. It communicates not only the functional benefits of cultured meat but also the positive, big-picture impacts it can have on our health, animals and the planet.