Layn Natural Ingredients, an innovator of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions, is securing a targeted $148 million from stock to be invested in infrastructure expansion and innovation to solidify its global leadership position and further its innovation, R&D and globally secure supply chain.
Layn’s next generation manufacturing facility is expected to be completed in three years, with designed capacity to process an additional 4000mt of stevia leaf extract per year. Consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding more natural ingredients over synthetics, and the strategically planned expansion will meet the growing global demand of natural sweeteners and polyphenol-rich botanical ingredients. Layn will also expand its sustainable agronomy innovation programs to expand its transparent and traceable supply chain.
While the industry experienced unprecedented supply chain disruptions due to surging demand for natural immune support, stress management and other natural, healthy ingredients in 2020, Layn Natural Ingredients continued to provide a reliable and secure supply. Layn maintained reliable inventory despite industry fluctuations - and even explicitly guarantees long-term supply for annual contracts.