Reed’s Inc. launched two zero sugar REAL Ginger Ale Mocktails: Shirley Tempting and Transfusion. Containing 2,000mg of fresh, organic pressed ginger, the new flavors bring a real ginger twist to the classic beverages.
With zero calories, the Certified Ketogenic varieties are an addition to every drinking occasion this summer, from the beach, to the golf course and backyard BBQs. Whether they are enjoyed straight from the can as a mocktail, or mixed up in a cocktail, the new flavors balance a crisp ginger taste with a splash of sweetness.
Zero Sugar Shirley Tempting delivers a mix of cherry and pomegranate flavors for a zero sugar, zero calorie take on this beverage for the whole family.

Zero Sugar Transfusion is enhanced with juicy grape notes for a taste that stands alone or complements as an easy mixer that is zero calories and keto certified.
Responding to the heightened demand for better-for-you mocktails with fun flavors, Reed’s is extending its ginger ale line. Ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix, Shirley Tempting and Transfusion deliver classic flavor, zero sugar and contain no artificial preservatives or artificial colors.
Reed’s REAL Ginger Ale Shirley Temping and Transfusion are currently available in-store at Sprouts, Ingles, Meijer, Fresh Thyme and small region chains. Reed’s Mocktails are also available for purchase on Reed’s Web Store for $30/12-pack.