Reed’s Inc.® launched Reed’s Wellness Shots®. Each variety is packed with fresh organic ginger and shelf stable, providing consumers with a way to attain a daily dose of ginger.

According to the company, ginger is a powerful superfood used for centuries for its many functional benefits. With known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger has been used to benefit overall wellness by reducing inflammation, soothing digestive issues and enhancing immune health.

Reed’s® Wellness Shots are available in two varieties: Daily Ginger and Ginger Energize. Each 2-ounce shot is packed with 3,000mg of organic pressed ginger and doesn’t require refrigeration.  

Daily Ginger is a caffeine free and shelf stable ginger shot packed with 3,000mg of organic pressed ginger that naturally energizes through ginger’s circulatory boosting properties. 

Ginger Energize is the better-for-you caffeinated option that blends 3,000mg of fresh ginger with 100mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans and guarana.

Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots will be available online and at Sprouts retailers, with growing distribution at grocery and convenience stores throughout the United States. Each of the two varieties of Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots will retail for $2.99 for a single bottle and $35.00 for a 12-pack.