Global health and wellness brand, GNC, announced that it has partnered with Echelon, a new military-developed performance beverage from the team behind _USA (Bravo Sierra), for an exclusive nationwide launch. 

Co-founded by Justin Guilbert, co-founder of coconut water company Harmless Harvest, and Benjamin Bernet, former L'Oréal executive, Echelon was developed over two years alongside 2,000+ US Military service members who tested and provided first-hand feedback across several iterations of the product. The new ready-to-drink formula combines energy and pre-workout essentials: 300mg of caffeine and 200mg of l-theanine for potent energy and a focused buzz, beta-alanine to target muscular endurance, and a NOS blend to enhance blood flow. Echelon is formulated with low-GI carbohydrate Isomaltulose and fiber. The result is sustained energy with a clean burn –  for strength-training, bodybuilding, or getting through an extra shift at work.

Echelon is also the first-ever consumer brand to launch in partnership with The Green Beret Foundation (GBF), a non-profit organization that provides Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency and ongoing support. A portion of proceeds from each unit sold will go to the Green Beret Foundation, and the organization's logo will also be featured on every Echelon can.

Echelon comes in three unique flavors, each with a spicy kick from Capsaicin, an active component found in hot peppers:

Berry Habanero: A juicy blend of ripe raspberry and blackberry, with a kick from habanero pepper.

Watermelon Thai Chili: Sweet, juicy watermelon and honeydew with a spicy kick from the potent Thai chili pepper.

Yuzu Cayenne: Crisp and tangy Japanese Yuzu accompanied by a sharp Cayenne spice.