BRÈINFÚEL (Breinfuel) evolved from coffees, energy drinks, and nootropics to help the brain respond with focus, alertness, and productivity.
Developed by Dr. Gerald Horn, a Lasik surgeon with a background in pharmaceutical science and disruptive drug development, Breinfuel combines highly researched ingredients with an extended release that is designed to support performance and wellbeing.

Breinfuel comes in four palate-pleasing flavors including Thrive Ice, Victory Bliss, Alpha Punch and Limitless Berry. Dr. Horn combined four uniquely differentiated ingredient blends for Breinfuel's multifaceted effects. The Caffeine Blend, according to Dr. Horn, is "the secret sauce" of Breinfuel, with the best of what's in coffee without the coffee base. It is derived from green tea and green coffee beans without the toxicity and loss of potency from the roast.
The Fuel Blend includes four grams of low-glycemic sugar, five grams of easily digestible collagen protein, and MCT's which are a great source of prolonged energy. The Antioxidant blend offers potential added benefits from vitamin C, vitamin E and beet root, all designed to reduce the brain's known sensitivity to accelerated metabolism. The Brain-Booster blend features zinc, creatine, glycine (from collagen), and L-theanine, all individually shown to support brain health.