The Hash Corporation, a business focusing on the production of hashish and other premium cannabis products using the adaption of old-world traditions, announced that its new co-branded product with Fritz's Cannabis Company, a family owned and operated legacy market edibles producer, has received a listing from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OSC).

Developed from years of legacy market experience, Fritz’s HashCo Hash Rosin Gummies bring together a classic flavour combination with the full-spectrum effects of hash rosin. Fritz’s makes the gummies using traditional German confectionary methods with low heat to ensure maximum terpene levels in the final product. Handcrafted in small batches, these 5mg gummies provide a balance of flavor with effects.

HashCo’s and Fritz’s dedicated teams of legacy craftspeople operate independently within a licensed facility in Toronto, Ontario owned by Medz Cannabis Incorporated. While the hash rosin input used to produce the first commercial batch of Fritz’s HashCo Hash Rosin Gummies was manufactured by HashCo at Black Rose Organics Canada Inc.’s facility in Markham, Ontario, the company has recently terminated that collaboration in the interest of improved efficiencies. Moving forward, production of HashCo products will be consolidated at the Medz Cannabis facility.

OCS is the largest provincial distributor of cannabis products in Canada, the only regulated online retailer of adult-use cannabis products in Ontario, and a wholesaler of cannabis products to all licensed retailers in the province. Wholly owned by the Province of Ontario, OCS works with Licensed Producers authorized by Health Canada. All Ontario retailers purchase their product inventory through the OCS.