Colorado plant-based food brand OZO introduced a True Bite Experience to flexitarians and food lovers with fresh, plant-based takes on classic favorites. OZO will introduce the True Bite Experience with its new plant-based chicken and bacon products at Natural Products Expo West.

The True Bite Experience brings together what consumers know about meat, for a complete savory experience, made from plants. With several incredible flavor offerings, the new chicken and bacon products from OZO will satisfy the whole family’s savory cravings in a convenient, easy-to-prepare product. These products will provide healthier options crafted with our unique process A box of food

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OZO’s new Plant-Based Bacon satisfies the desire to wake up to the smell, sizzle and taste of bacon, but with zero cholesterol and less fat. The product will be available in stores later this year in three flavors: Cracked Black Pepper, Applewood Smoke and Spicy Jalapeño.

OZO Chicken Cutlets and Shreds are a great swap for traditional chicken in family-favorite recipes and a good source of protein and fiber. The products are easy to prepare and create a multi-sensorial eating experience from the look and aroma to the taste and texture. These protein options are available in four seasoning varieties: Garlic & Herb Cutlet, Sea Salt & Pepper Cutlet, BBQ Shreds and Rotisserie-style Shreds.