Kicking off the spring season with a twist, and just in time for Club® Crackers' 90th anniversary, the brand is tapping into the sweet and savory trend to introduce a new flavor to its fan-favorite Club Crisps lineup: Club Crisps Sweet & Salty.

Available for a limited time only this spring, Club Crisps Sweet & Salty is the first-ever sweet and savory flavor within the expansive Club Crackers portfolio. The new wavy crisps are baked light and thin, offering a balance of sweet, caramelized flavored sugar and savory pop of salt that blends with the rich buttery base. It's an easy bite-size snacking win to bring the whole family together without any artificial colors or flavors.

Club Crisps Sweet & Salty joins the existing Club Crisps lineup of two Sea Salt and Ranch flavors, as well as the expansive Club Crackers portfolio that has something for everyone. Snackers will find the Sea Salt flavor provides sweet, buttery and salty notes, while Club Crisps Ranch is seasoned with spices, garlic and onion.