Steaz, makers of teas and functional beverages, announced two new Steaz Antioxidant Brew® Unsweetened Yerba Mate beverages that will be available at Whole Foods Market and key distributors nationwide in early March 2022. The unsweetened varieties are an extension of the sweetened lineup of Steaz Antioxidant Brew® Yerba Mate that hit the market last year.

Steaz is a forerunner in developing healthy and holistic beverages that deliver on the promise of goodness for people and our planet, continuously innovating to meet today's consumer's needs. With Yerba Mate continuing to grow in popularity -- up 21% in dollar sales in the latest 52 weeks according to SPINs Total Retail as of November 2021 -- there is still a gap in options for consumers concerned with sugar content. According to a recent Numerator Survey of Yerba Mate shoppers, 80% are concerned or very concerned with sugar content in their drinks and 69% of the current category leader's shoppers wish there were more unsweetened options available.

Steaz Antioxidant Brew® Unsweetened Yerba Mate is an expansion on the latest innovation for Steaz, a sweetened brewed Yerba Mate. Steaz Antioxidant Brew® Unsweetened Yerba Mate boasts the highest level of caffeine in the category with 165mg in every can, sourced from organic Coffeeberry® Fruit and Yerba Mate, making it a preferable, plant-based replacement to conventional energy drinks. Also, containing 10% daily value of Vitamin C per can and with zero sugar, no added sweeteners, and only ten calories, Steaz Antioxidant Brew® Unsweetened Yerba Mate is the perfect guiltless way to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. The two new, unsweetened flavors encased in stand-out, black packaging with pops of neon, vibrant colors include:

Unsweetened Elderberry - A balance of sweet and tart berry flavors with Yerba Mate undertones
Unsweetened Half & Half - Fresh, crisp lemon combined with earthy Yerba Mate flavor