Healthy snacking company That’s it. is seeing steep increases in consumer demand and retail distribution of its probiotic products, reporting over 200% growth of its Probiotic Fruit Bars within the last year. New distribution of its all-new Mini Probiotic Fruit Bar Variety Pack at Sam’s Clubs nationwide has contributed significantly to these increases, as That’s it. probiotic products are now available to millions of Sam’s Club shoppers across the country for the first time. 

Recent surveys from real-time consumer insights platform Suzy indicate that these increases can also be attributed to changes in behavior as consumers begin transitioning to a “post-COVID-19” mindset. For example: 75% of Americans are ready to resume pre-pandemic activity levels – but most aren’t likely to shed the healthier habits they picked up during the pandemic. Most Americans – 79% – reported that that they cultivated healthier habits since the onset of COVID-19, with the top healthy habits including: Eating healthier (46%), exercising more (43%), taking probiotics (20%), and drinking less alcohol (19%). And while most are ready to shake off the stagnation of the last two years, we’re not planning to leave it all behind: 96% of people intend to stick with their healthy new habit(s) once the pandemic is over.

“The steep rise in demand for our Probiotic Fruit Bars is indicative of the moment that we’re in,” said That’s it. founder and CEO Dr. Lior Lewensztain. “We’re ready to be on-the-go again and need easy, convenient snacks to support that lifestyle. And yet, after two years of being hyperaware of our health, the focus on wellness concepts like immunity and gut health are here to stay.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, the food and beverage industry has been forced to adapt to a sharp increase in demand for products that support immune health. Probiotics, with their link to numerous health benefits like boosting immunity, supporting gut health, and improving digestion, continue to be a prime candidate to feel the uptick within this space.