Cibo Vita, Inc., makers of Nature’s Garden, Chocolate Orchard and Woodpecker snack brands, unveiled its new Nature’s Garden functional and healthy indulgence snack line.

The company’s naturally functional snacks are further enhanced with carefully-selected nutrients, such as probiotics, protein, turmeric, fiber, omega-3, elderberry and other essential multivitamins. For example, its new Nutri Pops super snacks feature a blend of fruit, nuts, seeds and other nutrients for added health benefits like digestive, heart, energy and waistline. 

Cibo Vita prides itself on combining the most advanced nutrient protection system without jeopardizing the quality, taste, aroma, color or texture of its wholesome snacks. In fact, the company is using an innovative new system which micro-encapsulates sensitive nutrients, such as probiotics, to protect them against heat, acidity, alkalinity, light and oxidation. This way, beneficial nutrients are released precisely at the right time and in the right place within your body to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability.

Nature’s Garden’s healthy and functional snacks offer a convenient way to easily obtain your daily need of desirable nutrients. The complete line of Nature’s Garden functional snack categories includes heart health, weight management, digestive wellness, energy and brain, immune health, essential nutrition, high protein and muscle health.