According to CNBC, meat, poultry, fish and eggs are up 11.7% on an annual basis. Yahoo News reported at the end of July 2022 that year over year, ground beef costs $0.69 more per pound, chicken breast $0.94 cents more per pound, and bacon and eggs over $1 more per pound and dozen, respectively. 

While not fully immune from inflation, dried beans remain a more affordable source of protein, now $1.64 per pound compared to $1.42 a year ago. By bringing dried beans from American farms directly to American consumers, Balanced Bushel, a new CPG bean and pulse line by grain, bean, and pulse supplier Columbia Grain International (CGI), offers this cheaper protein source with minimum processing and maximum nutrition. 

Balanced Bushel brings American farmers a true farm-to-feast experience with beans and pulses grown by producers throughout the northern United States. By bringing consumers beans and pulses straight from the farm with reduced processing, Balanced Bushel provides Americans with plant-based protein at its purest and most nutritious. Its innovative ingredients can serve as a nourishing base for a wide variety of popular dishes like nachos, in which the protein-packed combination of chickpeas and black beans can serve as a satisfying main topping in place of meat. Or Shepherd’s Pie, with Balanced Bushel lentils providing the hearty, seasoned filling instead of beef.