Bascom Maple Farms, the trusted source and supplier of 100% pure and organic maple syrup and maple sugar, is hosting IBIE 2022 attendees this week in Las Vegas. Visitors to IBIE booth #7026 can sample a beautiful array of great-tasting natural and organic maple syrups and sugars.

Attendees can also learn more about the various nutritional and functional benefits that the Bascom portfolio of maple solutions can provide to baked goods, as well as a multitude of other food applications.

“Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with bakers and attendees of IBIE,” says Cindy Finck, Director of Bulk Sales, Bascom Maple Farms and Coombs Family Farms. “At Bascom, we can offer bakers maple syrup and maple sugar that provide natural sweetening and flavor solutions that are ideal for use in baked goods. Maple syrup is the ultimate pure and natural, clean label sweetener that consumers find very appealing when looking at product labels. We are proud to provide high-quality maple syrup and maple sugar products that are always sustainably sourced and made with 100% pure maple syrup from New England and Canada. These healthier and more sustainable options offer a sweet taste that will keep consumers coming back for more.”

“Today, as part of nearly 16,000 sugar makers in the U.S. who are preserving maple forests, we are helping to preserve crucial habitat for distinct plants and animals that need large, intact tracts of forest to survive,” adds Finck. “And, while sustainable farming is part of our family’s history, we’re just as focused on bringing maple farming into the future by increasing efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and doing all we can to make sure that small family farms—and the small-town economies that depend on them—thrive.”

Bascom offers both pure and organic options for bakers. These natural and sustainable sweetening and flavor solutions have consistent flavor profiles and offer many labeling benefits consumers find appealing, including:

•  Natural
•  Organic
•  Sustainable
•  Gluten free
•  Non-GMO
•  Kosher
• Vegan
• Allergen free

Available in all grades, with a variety of easy-to-use forms, sizes and packaging — from glass bottles to drums and totes — Bascom Maple Farms and Coombs Family Farms Brand has the right maple solution to help get baked goods manufacturers’ new products out of R&D and onto retailers’ shelves faster. The formulation experts at Bascom can help brands quickly deliver high-quality products that meet a variety of claims including clean label, organic, sustainably sourced, etc.

To learn more about Bascom’s portfolio of natural and organic maple syrup solutions, please visit IBIE booth #7026 or

About Bascom Maple Farms 
Bascom Maple Farms is the trusted source and supplier of 100% pure maple syrup and maple sugar across the U.S and around the world. Established in New England in 1853, eight generations of the Bascom family have grown the farm beyond large maple groves to include commercial syrup production and packing facilities. This privately held, the family-owned-and-operated business believes in the goodness of nature and offers customers unmatched maple farming expertise to help maximize all the goodness of high-quality, sustainably farmed maple syrup and sugar products at the consistency and capacity needed to serve food and beverage manufacturers, packers, distributors and retailers worldwide.