From the makers of HI-CHEW™, Morinaga America Inc. presents FI-BEING™, a new brand founded on the principles of creating better-for-you candy options. FI-BEING™ comes in the form of a hard candy that maintains the flavor experience of Morinaga products. Each serving of FI-BEING™ provides 39% of the daily recommended dietary fiber intake. 

The brand name FI-BEING™ consists of two keywords that define the product's primary attributes: Fiber and Being. Each serving of FI-BEING™ delivers 11g of dietary fiber, 4g of sugar, and contains 0g of sugar alcohol.

Passionfruit features the flavor notes of sweet and tart that passionfruit can offer (natural & artificial flavors).

Elderberry brings to life the earthy and tart flavor balance of the popular immune-boosting fruit (natural & artificial flavors).

Instead of using sugar alcohol, which may cause negative digestive impacts or affect taste, FI-BEING™ uses dietary fiber, called Inulin, and other unique formulations, to partially replace the candy's sugar content. According to the International Food Information Council Foundation 2015 Food and Health Survey,  63% of consumers consider fiber when making packaged food purchase decisions, and now FI-BEING™ offers consumers a new delicious better-for-you candy option.

FI-BEING™ is made from natural and artificial flavors and contains no colors from synthetic sources. FI-BEING™ is offered in a 1.76oz bag for a suggested retail price of $3.29 (varies per market) and is rolling out in select retailers nationwide. FI-BEING™ can be found on-shelf in the hard candy section and where better-for-you options are sold.