Lunchables®, a Kraft Heinz Company brand, is giving parents relief with the launch of new Lunchables Holiday Packs. 

The packs are the Lunchables products some kids know, complete with stickers inspired by real Lunchabuilds and a re-wrapped holiday sleeve for some comedic relief. These packs keep kids occupied with a buildable snack and provide festive inspiration for kids’ building adventures, letting them create everything from a polar bear to a penguin or even a holiday train. 

Rooted in some of parents’ most common holiday stressors, Lunchables Holiday Packs offer three unique varieties:

Son of a nutcracker! I Forgot to Hide the Elf! (Extra Cheesy Pizza)
 Yes, pizza for breakfast is OK when you need the kids to look away and “help” Santa’s little spy find a new hiding spot around the house.
It’s December 24, Where’s the Wrench?! (Turkey and American Cracker Stackers with cookies)
Keep ‘em busy downstairs while the last-minute assembly line of doll houses, drum sets and bicycles continues “in Santa’s workshop.”
How is the Gift Still Two States Away?! (Ham and Cheddar Cracker Stackers with cookies)
‘Tis the season for shipping delays. Enter the kids’ favorite buildable snack. They will be so busy building, they won’t even notice “Santa’s” last-minute trip to the “workshop” to buy a backup gift.

The Lunchables Holiday Packs are available at for free to anyone in need of some holiday relief. Catch them while you can, they are only available while supplies last.