Rao’s Homemade expanded its Limited Reserve portfolio, a line of food items focused on using high-quality, premium and exclusive ingredients, with three new items: Panettone with Balsamic, Red Wine Marinara and Balsamic Strawberry Compote. 

These limited-edition products are available until items run out and can only be purchased through www.raos.com

• Rao’s Homemade Limited Reserve Red Wine Marinara (19oz, $16): Rao's Homemade has crafted a new Marinara which pairs Italian Barbera Wine with Italian tomatoes to create a sauce that will elevate any meal. Barbera is a light-bodied Northern Italian wine with notes of sour cherry that pairs with mushrooms or the protein of your choice. Only 7,500 jars made.

• Rao’s Homemade Limited Reserve Balsamic Strawberry Compote ($15): A sweet and savory spread that pairs sweet strawberries with premium balsamic vinegar for a sweet and savory spread that’s an addition to holiday charcuterie plates. Only 500 jars made.

• Rao’s Homemade Limited Reserve Panettone with Balsamic ($30): A rich dome-shaped brioche bread studded with raisins and injected with a rich and succulent Balsamic Vinegar cream.  Panettone is traditionally served after the Christmas meal along with a glass of dessert wine or prosecco. Only 250 made.