David Feder, Executive Editor-Technical for Prepared Foods media, interviews Martin Pamensky, CEO and president of the Stanmar International Group of Companies and CEO and founder of Simply Delish, makers of sugar-free, keto-certified desserts and other sugar-free products. Simply Delish products intersect two of the hottest power trends in food product development today, plant-based and sugar-free.

The company’s two key products are pudding and gelatin-desserts. While these typically use animal-derived ingredients, specifically dairy for the one and porcine or bovine gelatin for the other, Simply Delish has cracked the code on replacing both without compromising flavor, mouthfeel, “comfort,” and other organoleptic qualities. CEO and founder Pamensky takes us through the ingredient challenges his team had in recreating these classic sweets without those aforementioned two fundamental ingredients.