Idaho Milk Products congratulated Dr. Venkateswarlu (Venkat) Sunkesula on his recent promotion to vice president of research and product development and welcomes Kevin Quinn as the new vice president of sales and marketing.

Dr. Sunkesula joined Idaho Milk Products in July 2019. Before coming to Idaho Milk Products, he attended South Dakota State University pursuing his Ph.D. in dairy manufacturing under the supervision of Dr. Lloyd Metzger, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Sunkesula did his thesis on the Development of Methods to Improve Lactose Recovery from Permeate and Drying Characteristics of Greek Acid Whey. Venkat has approximately 20 years of professional experience in various managerial roles in the dairy, candy and brewing industries.

Kevin Quinn came to Idaho Milk Product in December 2022 as vice president of sales and marketing. He has worked in the food industry for 30 years with both domestic and international customers in sales, marketing and finance roles for Nestle, Sara Lee, White Wave, Leprino Foods and Darigold. During his time at Darigold as vice president of global accounts, he was responsible for customer-facing activities for several major global accounts. After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he started his career in Colorado.

Idaho Milk Products proudly supports personal, professional, educational, technical and above all, leadership development to help employees realize their potential and be part of a world-class team.