Comfort foods mean different things to different people. The thing that remains the same is the feeling and familiarity they bring when consumed.  People eat comfort foods for a variety of reasons and occasions. The season can also influence eating comfort food—such as consuming hot chicken noodle soup on a cold snowy day.

Developing comfort foods that are easy-to-prepare, taste great and convenient is not always simple. These are items people expect to have certain qualities, and standards may be higher compared to when consumers try a food that is new or less commonly consumed.

AFS manufactures a variety of ingredient systems that can be used to develop comfort foods that are cost effective, process efficient, stable and most of all taste great!

All ingredients can be formulated to meet all ingredient, allergen and cost parameters.  Please contact AFS Technical Services to select the right ingredient for your comfort food.

SeasonRite® Stocks – clean-label, powdered stocks available in multiple flavor profiles to provide the base for all your soup needs.
Chef-Ready® Soup Bases – Complete, easy-to-use soup bases that require only water and other common ingredients.  
ReadiCream® - powdered cream replacement systems to improve stability and reduce cost of cream style soups and sauces.

Pot Pie
BakeRite® System – ingredients that create fresh baked texture and appearance for pot pie crusts.
SeasonRite® Pot Pie Sauce Bases – produce pot pie sauces with excellent texture, flavor, F/T & emulsion stability
SeasonRite® Marinades - flavored marinade systems to improve texture, flavor and cook yields.
Actoloid® - Stabilizer systems to create Pot Pie fillings with excellent F/T, emulsion and bake stability.

Mac & Cheese
Chef-Ready® Mac & Cheese Sauce Bases – Complete sauce bases, available in several cheese flavor profiles, can be used alone or easily personalized with additional ingredients.
AFS Cheese Booster Systems – AFS Cheddar and Parm Cheese boosters can be used to enhance flavor and reduce cost. 

TexRite® Systems – Dough conditioning systems to bake & F/T stability and improve texture.
Chef-Ready® Pizza Sauce Bases – Texture and flavor systems for instant or cook-up pizza sauces.
Actoloid® - Stabilizer systems to create pizza sauces with excellent F/T and bake stability
Sealtite® Moisture Barrier – Prevents moisture migration from sauce into dough to prevent crust from getting soggy.
• AFS Cheese Boosters - AFS Italian Cheese Boosters Plus can be used to enhance flavor, reduce cost and help reduce greasing out.

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