Cargill and the food-tech company CUBIQ FOODS have signed product co-development and commercial go-to-market agreements aimed at developing and accelerating wide-scale commercialization of CUBIQ FOODS’ innovative fat technologies. 

With this strategic partnership, Cargill will now have access to CUBIQ’s innovative technologies to help customers develop plant-based alternative foods with benefits that surpass typical products made with animal fats or tropical oils, such as:

• enhances flavor
• may improve total fats and saturated fats
• may improve caloric content
• may incorporate essential fatty acids (omega 3)

CUBIQ’s novel fats, including Go!Drop®, join Cargill’s existing portfolio of plant-based solutions, spanning plant proteins, texturizers and a full array of traditional fats and oils.

The new fat technologies can be used across multiple applications and are especially relevant in the plant-based meat and dairy alternative space, where fats and oils play pivotal roles in structure, taste, texture, and nutritional profile. Most current plant-based options fall short of consumers’ expectations, but CUBIQ FOODS’ line of “smarter” fats help close the gap, including advances that replicate animal fat in terms of visual appearance, mouthfeel, and bite. 

Cargill first invested in CUBIQ FOODS in May 2022, as part of ongoing efforts to more rapidly advance promising food technology and support customers with novel solutions. The collaboration complements Cargill’s previous investments in alternative protein sources, including PURIS and Upside Foods (formerly known as Memphis Meats), and aligns with the company’s ambition to be a leader in innovative food ingredients.