GURU Organic Energy Corp., an organic energy drink brand, announced the Canadian market launch of GURU Theanine Fruit Punch, along with its national marketing campaign.

The all-new GURU Theanine Fruit Punch contains theanine, an amino-acid found in green tea. When blended with caffeine, theanine creates a synergistic effect that powers up brains and boosts focus and mental performance. On top of packing a big brain boost, GURU Theanine Fruit Punch is packed with all-natural fruit punch flavor, a simple blend of juicy tropical fruits, red berries, sweet cherry and vanilla—and the zesty freshness of yuzu. Like all GURU drinks, this one is certified organic and contains no synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. 

GURU Theanine Fruit Punch is available across Canada, in most convenience and gas stores and a majority of grocery and drug stores, through GURU’s exclusive Canadian distribution partner.