Using an authentically Japanese approach and real ingredient expertise, ZENB crafted a simply complex take on an internationally beloved dish that rivals the rich flavors of a ramen shop while being entirely vegan and gluten-free.

Each pouch of ZENB Ramen comes complete with the essential components for a bowl of ramen: premium non-fried noodles and a packet of savory, umami-packed soup broth. Like all ZENB Pasta, ZENB Ramen features a single-ingredient noodle made from 100% whole yellow peas that maintains a chewy and springy texture which is key to an elevated, restaurant-quality ramen experience. Plus, ZENB Ramen is just as convenient as its instant counterparts while delivering a better-for-you result with 18g of protein and 11g of fiber per serving. With no compromise on taste, there are three classic Japanese ramen flavors to enjoy:

• Spicy Miso, a savory miso with a blend of chilies for a kick of fiery heat.
• Shoyu, a bright, tamari soy sauce with notes of ginger and warming white pepper.
• Vegan Tonkotsu, rich, unctuous, full-bodied with notes of nutty toasted sesame and roasted garlic.

ZENB is a division of Mizkan, a Japanese food company that has been changing the way people think about food for over two centuries. Today, ZENB embraces the long-held nature-driven upcycling approach to food development, adding less, wasting nothing and unleashing the power of plants. This philosophy is what drives ZENB to reinvent pantry staples while preserving the taste, texture, integrity and delight in everyday foods, like with ZENB Ramen.

ZENB Ramen is available exclusively on and will be available early this summer on Amazon. A variety of ZENB products can also be found in hundreds of grocery stores from coast to coast and in Hawaii, with more locations being added every week.