Ramen Lab, the pop-up restaurant incubator from Sun Noodle, announced  that it is launching a frozen prepared ramen bowl product line called Ramen Lab at Home: Chef to Guest. Ramen Lab will collaborate with celebrated ramen chefs. The store launched on August 7.
Ramen Lab will collaborate with well-known ramen shops to capture the signature flavors and styles of individual chefs. The kit format will feature the hand-crafted recipes from five legendary ramen spots including Nakamura, Ani Ramen, Ivan Ramen, Zaya Ramen, and Ramen Lab. The participating chefs will also create videos on Ramen-Lab.com to teach customers how to make the ramen bowls at home with ingredients from their own pantry.
At Ramen Lab, diners have access to world famous guest chefs, each featured for a limited time. This new collaboration mirrors that concept, offering diners the opportunity to taste a sampling of signature dishes from renowned chefs.
The variety pack will include the following five dishes, as well as an extra portion of noodles on the side: Torigara Shoyu Ramen (Nakamura,) Shio Ramen (Ivan Ramen,) Spicy Miso Ramen (Ani Ramen,) Beef Ramen (Zaya Ramen,) and Tonkotsu Shoyu (Ramen Lab.)
The prepared dishes will be available initially to customers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Ramen Lab has plans to expand its territory in the coming months. The offerings will be available for purchase online at www.ramen-lab.com.
To comply with the state’s social distancing requirements, Ramen Lab’s restaurant remains closed for dine-in services. Chicken paitan and tonkotsu shoyu ramen are available for takeout and delivery.