Insa is releasing a line of seasonal products just in time for summer. 

Available at Insa’s Massachusetts locations for a limited time, the company is releasing Berry Limeade and Pina Colada signature drops and the Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar. 

"As we welcome the summer season at Insa, we're thrilled to unveil flavors that encapsulate the essence of summertime,” said Chef Julian Rose, head of research and development, Insa. “Our new offerings are crafted with fresh, unique ingredients, designed to bring a refreshing twist to our customers' summer experiences, enhancing their moments of relaxation and celebration with the finest quality cannabis products.”

Insa's Berry Limeade Drops blend tangy lime and sweet raspberries flavors. Each piece is infused with 5 mg THC. They retail for $25 per package.

Bursting with tropical pineapple and sweet coconut flavors, each Pina Colada drop features 5 mg THC. These drops retail for $25 per package.

Insa’s Black Raspberry Ice Cream Bar combines real black raspberries and smooth European chocolate with a hint of heavy cream. With a dark purple hue and 5 mg of THC per piece, each bar retails for $30.