Butter Buds Inc., a global leader in dairy and non-dairy concentrates, is showcasing its real dairy, dairy alternative and on-trend specialty ingredient solutions at the Institute of Food Technologists 2024 Annual Event and Expo (IFT FIRST), July 14-17, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Visitors to booth #S720 can sample prototypes featuring the innovative Butter Buds® ingredients that help manufacturers deliver the great taste experience today’s consumers demand.

Taste remains the #1 driver for consumers’ food and beverage choices, according to the International Food Information Council’s 2023 Food & Health Survey, and Butter Buds ingredients help manufacturers meet today’s marketplace needs.

Butter Buds ingredients add rich flavor and full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture, while masking off-flavors and rounding out any harsh notes in a variety of food applications. With high impact and low usage rates, these solutions offer manufacturers a cost-effective way to deliver gourmet taste and cost savings, so they can provide consumers great-tasting food products without breaking the bank.

“Beyond these benefits, our newest ingredient innovations are here to help elevate food products with specialty ingredients that deliver complex flavor experiences,” said Michael Ivey, National Sales Director, Butter Buds Inc. “We have some other surprises in store with a new look, a new logo and even a new booth, so be sure to stop by and see us at the show.”

Butter Buds will showcase a variety of great-tasting prototypes featuring some of their latest ingredient innovations for IFT24 sampling, including:

Simple Cheddar Mac & Cheese – The ultimate comfort food just got better. Who knew that a rich, cheesy, buttery mac & cheese could also have the cleaner label that consumers are looking for? See—and taste—for yourself, when you check out the rich cheddar and butter notes of this cleaner version of everyone’s favorite. Cheese Buds® Simple Cheddar Cheese Concentrate and Butter Buds® Simple Concentrate CL play starring roles, increasing overall cheddar cheese and butter flavors with very low inclusion levels to deliver gourmet taste, cost savings—and no need to need to declare as “flavor” or “natural flavor” on your label.

Mole Sauce with Meatballs – The complex, layered flavor of mole sauce adds another dimension to traditional meatballs. Cocoa Butter Buds® brings the richness and intensity that help deliver the toasty authentic mole sauce experience. The secret? The concentrated powder made with real cocoa fat makes it possible to add enough cocoa fat to balance flavor without adversely affecting texture, processing, nutritional profile or cost.

Matcha Cream Cheese Parfait with Guava Sauce – Dairy is a multi-cultural dessert flavor, and Butter Buds is here for it, with another globally inspired innovation and complex taste experience, this time in a delicious parfait. Cheese Buds® Cream Cheese helps give the cream cheese parfait its mild tanginess and silky smooth texture, while Milk Buds® Whole Milk Type provides mild whole milk middle notes with slight sweet and buttery base notes to complement the matcha base. Butter Buds Dried Beer Extract is incorporated to slightly mellow the top note tanginess of the guava sauce, replicating a fresher fruit flavor, and it’s all topped off with buttery cookie crumbles featuring Butter Base 100 for a rich dairy experience.

Butter Buds products offer unique flavor profiles and functionality for ingenious ingredients that help deliver delicious, consumer-pleasing finished products. Committed to high-quality ingredients and customer service, Butter Buds has a customer-focused R&D department and team of experienced food scientists and product development specialists that work closely with customers to proactively explore new trends, products and formulation solutions made possible at their state-of-the-art production facility in Racine, Wisconsin.

Stop by and taste what are sure to be some of the most popular prototypes of the show at IFT24 Booth #S720 or visit www.bbuds.com.

About Butter Buds
Butter Buds Inc. manufactures a wide array of concentrated dairy flavors made from fresh butter, cheese and other quality ingredients. Butter Buds also offers a line of innovative flavor concentrates that provide unique flavor characteristics – Butter Buds - Bacon, Cocoa Butter Buds® and Dried Beer Extract. To address today’s clean label trend, Butter Buds provides a variety of clean label options including Certified Organic and non-dairy dairy flavors. Butter Buds’ customer-focused R&D department and team of experienced food scientists and product development specialists work closely with customers to answer the needs of today’s brands at their state-of-the-art production facility in Racine, Wis.