The EVERY Company, pioneers in the functional protein industry, and Landish Foods, a North American leader in nutritional wellness products, announced the launch of a line of ready-to-mix powders under the new brand FERMY™: Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte.

Both products are powered by EVERY's revolutionary egg white protein, which provides the cleanest flavor on the market and delivers 8g of highly digestible and satiating protein per serving. The FERMY products, which also feature ingredients such as MCT and lion’s mane mushroom, cater to the growing demand among consumers for easy-to-access, clean, sustainable protein paired with brain-boosting benefits. These products are available to order online now at

“So many of us with rushed mornings are not getting enough protein to start the day, especially quality protein. Our commitment has always been to sourcing the purest, most impactful ingredients with minimal environmental footprint. The challenge? Plant proteins don’t provide a good taste or texture in beverages like coffee or matcha." -- Daniel Novak, CEO, Landish Foods

EVERY’s precision fermentation approach yields nature-equivalent egg proteins that are historically too costly to source from conventional hen eggs. EVERY’s protein ingredient enables food manufacturers to conveniently boost a wide range of products with clean-tasting protein, providing consumers with more nutrition per bite without changing taste or texture.

This latest product announcement follows previous successful launches of functional beverages made with EVERY ingredients, including a Pressed-Juicery-brand smoothie and Pulp Culture’s line of protein-boosted hard juices.