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And now, here it is, your lineup of news, trends and insight concerning the marketing and formulation of food and beverage products for vegetarians.

Researchers in South Korea say that a potent super-nutrient found in a range of everyday healthy foods can block the way cancer cells communicate and instruct cells to grow and spread.

Israel, global producer of specialty soy proteins, recently launched Supertex, the latest innovation in textured vegetable protein products. Supertex is a specially extruded blend of soy-derived, textured vegetable protein suitable for use in a variety of vegetarian and meat-enhancement applications.

Only some 3% of the U.S. population describes itself as vegetarian, according to a 2009 Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) survey conducted with the polling firm Harris Interactive. However, when considering the emerging community of semi-vegetarians--also called “flexitarians”--who eat meat only occasionally, the numbers are greater.

Vegetarianism may not be the largest trend in the food industry at present, but surprising numbers of young people are opting to go meat-free, while an aging population has its own reasons behind avoiding meats.

Avesthagen Limited announced completion of a landmark project for the development of AvestaDHA(TM) -- a vegetarian source of DHA (docohexanoic acid) omega-3 essential fatty acid based on an innovative approach using naturally occurring microalgae.

The market shift to address the more environmentally conscious consumer is also having the impact of creating a new vegetarian.

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