Foodservice, a Bicycle and Accusation I'm nervous. Like when I place an order at a restaurant. I'm nervous that I'm doing the wrong thing. And not only that, I'm worried I'm doing the wrong thing wrong.

For instance, I may be ordering green pepper souffle, which for me is wrong. And then, as I'm placing the order I interrupt myself to discuss air travel in the South Pacific. I proceed to meander through imagined details of flying above a vast body of water with occasional mounds of earth floating in it, and then finally stop myself again to complete my order, which I cannot remember and need to ask the server to remind what I wanted.

This is sick. I am an unwitting participant in what is not right for me. I am going with the flowing. Or is it the flow? However, modern peoples call it. And now, after years of acting in good conscience, I am left nervous and uncertain that I've done right.

To relieve some of this rattling energy, I recently began restoring an old bicycle. This, friends, is a very old bicycle. I found it in my grandmother's garage behind the innards of a player piano. Though ancient, its body has held up. I've replaced parts and am now working to find a saddle. I'm seeking a brown one with springs underneath it, something to cushion the blow of curb drops and surprise potholes.

Bringing this old bicycle back to life has given me some hope that I may right the road yet, that I may dial nervousness back to excited tone. And this prospect is thrilling.

I must not accuse myself further, nor should I bother you with such ramblings.

On with it!

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Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have introduced a new Memphis BBQ burger, which includes saucy pulled pork with a classic charbroiled beef patty, according to a company press release.

Z Trim Holdings’ Smokin’ Powerhouse Chili recipe took first place in IFT’s inaugural “Making Healthy School Meals Easy” challenge in Las Vegas.

Sodium has also been on the radar in foodservice establishments, to the point that McCormick for Chefs has introduced a full line of entrée seasoning mixes with 500mg of sodium or less per package recipe serving.

Salt shakers are getting the heave-ho at Boston Market. The casual-dining chain, best-known for its spinning chicken rotisseries and its tasty but often-salty side dishes, is announcing plans to remove salt shakers from guest tables at all 476 locations.

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