Today, I have a collection of videos that you simply must see. They focus on weight management.

One is called Pea Fiber: A New Option for Fiber Enrichment. The speaker specializes in using insoluble fibers in meat products, but discusses their use in a variety of applications.

The second is called Cellulosic Hydrocolloids in Formulating for Weight Management. The video presentation centers on how hydrolcolloids can assist in the development of reduced and no sugar added beverages and reduced oil in fried foods.

Finally, we have a video called Reb A Sweetener Applications: Opportunity and Challenges to Product Formulation. The presentation reviews the derivation of Stevia and explores its various applications.

The Prepared Foods team is gearing up for its annual New Products Conference, Sept. 9-12. We'll have a slew of new videos from the conference online soon. So, for all you new product trends seekers, be on the lookout... or just sit tight and I'll bring the new videos to your attention.

I, sadly, will not be in attendance at this year's conference. I am stuck at home cutting something called a butterfly key to prevent a split from furthering fissuring my great grandmother's night-stand. Her false teeth fell through the crack last month and she pleaded with me to fix the table.

Have you ever had a 103-year-old woman plead with you? I have never handled a power tool in my life, but after enduring my great grandmother's breathy cry, I've suddenly found myself firing up both a jigsaw and a palm router.

I pray I will have all my digits when I next write to you.

Until then...

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