Ahhh... the smell of baked goods. We've just come off a time when our houses very well may have been filled with the scent of baking breads and sweets. It makes you smile and close your eyes and dream and sleep and fall down. That's why I wear a helmet when I bake. I nearly always pass out from the heavenly aromas. I will not stand another trip to the emergency room because I've opted to not don my baking helmet when my peasant bread goes into the oven. It will not happen! It's embarrassing and I'm old enough and wise enough to know that when leavened products go into the oven, I must place my bright blue baking helmet over my crown and pull the red tie tight under my chin. There simply is no other way to exist.

Otherwise, I'll be dependent on my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day to find me on the kitchen floor and drive me to the emergency room where I'll wake from my slumber only to find his angular mug staring into mine and saying things like, "You should've worn your baking helmet, ding, ding." Or, "My, that's quite a lump. Perhaps I'll make some mulligatawny and serve it to you airplane style."

I can think of nothing worse.
My word!

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