New food formulations that employ authentic and ethnic ingredients are in high demand these days.
I, for one, seek them out. And, though he is not an adventurous eater, I must offer that my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day does in fact like foods that introduce him to a new culture. He may not eat the food, but he will look at it and smell it and discuss it (at length) as a way to familiarize himself with something new. 

It's a fine practice I suppose, especially for someone with such a limited world view. And Sherwood has one of the most limited views of the world I have ever encountered. He's a, can I say the word moron here? I do not want to call names. That's pedestrian and childish. However, he is a simpleton and he knows it. At least I think he does. Perhaps I should write him a letter to outline his areas of supreme ignorance. 

Is that worse that calling him a name?

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