This week's topic is somewhat nebulous. Special Nutrition Products? Yes. Special Nutrition Products. They're everywhere. Green tea extracts, amino acid supplements, magnesium boosts, nanoencapsulation of this or that. People consume these products for health reasons, dietary sensitivities or for specific athletic pursuits.

They are nifty ingredients that can launch your product into the welcoming arms of consumers who prefer or need them. In the end these products allow you to expand your palette in the product development process. So go get'em!

My gracious, oh my. I do not use that phrase. It sounds so foreign as I write it. I simply mean to offer a vote of confidence. You have it in you to go forth with courage into the hazardous field that lies ahead. Fear not! Armed with your know-how and a quiver of Special Nutrition Products, you shall conquer all that you fear! (Insert your own maniacal laugh here.)


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Articles about Special Nutrition Products in food product development and formulation.

Update on Plandai's South African Operations
Plandaí Biotechnology Inc. has provided updated information on the status of the company's operations.

Global Nanoencapsulation Market
The U.S. represents the largest market worldwide. Europe represents the fastest-growing market in the world with a projected CAGR of 8.3% over the analysis period.

Kodiak Invests in Genufood
Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp. has entered into a $3 million common stock purchase agreement with Kodiak Capital Group.

Sports Nutrition Rebounding
The sports nutritional products market in the U.S. is returning to form.

Opportunities in Medical Foods
The medical foods market is estimated at approximately $12 billion.

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