This morning found myself out of cream for my coffee, so I opened a can of condensed milk and spooned it into my cup. Talk about a shelf stable product. This is milk. Milk! It's in a can and it's been in my pantry for well over a year. And here I am eating it. Good gracious. How on earth can milk remain viable in a can for so long? Never-mind. I know you all have the answer.

We are aware of the importance of shelf stability as it relates to food safety as well as product performance and retail shelf appeal. What you make has to taste as good as it should many months or perhaps years from now. As scientists, you know that everything is in a state of decay, so how do we preserve what's deteriorating naturally? Again, I leave those thoughts to you. Though, I may be able to play some role in the matter. Here are a few pieces from the industry that could assist you in your efforts.

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Articles and videos concerning Shelf Stability in relation to food product development.

Global Food Safety Market
A new report defines and segments the global food safety testing market with analysis and forecasting of global revenue and volume for food safety testing.

Pasta Meals from Pacific
Pacific Foods has introduced new All Natural Pasta O's and All Natural Mac & Cheese.

Adding to Compleats
Building on the success of the Compleats microwave meals line, Hormel Foods announces six new cheesy pasta product varieties.

Introducing DMA
Döhler-Milne Aseptics, a joint venture founded in 2009 by The Döhler Group and Milne Fruit Products, has introduced a simplified brand to its customers.

Shelf-Life Extension and Nutrition Ingredients

Protecting your Products against Oxidative Rancidity Using Mixed Tocopherols

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