As I steel myself indoors, safe from the deep freeze arresting all signs of life, I am tempted to begin planning my spring garden. Call it an exercise in defiance. I am envisioning rich, dark soil with brilliant green stems and leaves popping from its surface. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I can feel its warmth on my neck as I kneel to pull weeds from a raised bed.

I'm lost in this vision. The truth is that some version of it will not come to be for another four months. Maybe five. Ugggghh…

I look to you now, dear product developers. You are my source of fruits, vegetables and nuts and therefore my mental pipeline to the pleasures and comfort of spring. We can assume that you are in the throes of product development at this very moment. Perhaps you're puzzled by a particular application of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Perhaps you're lamenting the arrival of spring, i.e., the time when your product must be tested and given clearance to proceed. If you find yourself in this predicament, I implore you to read further. Your answers, your inspiration are here! This I promise!


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Articles about Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts in food formulations.

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