vegetables and herbs, bowl of vegetablesConsumer and industry research data show vegetables and herbs increasing in popularity for retail and restaurant items. As consumers become more health conscious, they look for more great tasting foods that feature a hearty helping of vegetables and herbs.

Now processors can add Van Drunen Farms’ (VDF) Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends to old favorites as well as new offerings, such as an on-trend quinoa side dish or a gluten-free pasta.

VDF’s standard vegetable blends include: IQF Fajita (fire-roasted onions, red and green bell peppers), IQF Corn/Bean Medley (roasted corn, black beans, roasted tomato, poblano pepper, cilantro), and IQF Vegetable (red pepper, white onion, sun-dried tomato, mushroom). Custom Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends also are available to help processors make one-of-a-kind products with premium, natural ingredients. 

VDF's Frozen Vegetable and Herb Blends are ideal for any number of applications including pizzas, pasta dishes, rice, soups, stews, chili, fajitas, tacos, salsas, salads, omelets, other egg dishes and more. These blends also add color, flavor and nutrition to globally-inspired dishes or comfort foods.

During the IQF process, freshly harvested vegetables and herbs are spread in a single layer on a slow-moving conveyor through sub-zero air. The result is a free-flowing, individually quick-frozen product that can be easily handled. Pre-sized and blended ingredients also are convenient to save processors time and money.


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