Mouth-feel! I will bring it to your attention at this very moment: It took me some time to come around to the term mouth-feel. It took me even longer to respect it with a hyphen. Truth be told, there is nary a substitute for describing the sensory in one's mouth as while eating and drinking. It's mouth-feel, like it or not.

Gums and starches, well, they provide plenty of character to an ingredient matrix. I need not remind you of their uses. For me though, one of their chief contributions to food products comes in the form of mouth-feel. Seriously, I cannot believe how many times I'm writing that word in this entry. It appears that I've written it enough that I am going to have to include it in a list of keywords. Goodness! For those of you searching the Internet for the word mouth-feel, look no further! It is here waiting for you to discover and become puzzled by.

And there it is, a sentence ending in a preposition. I know you won't judge me though, so I'm leaving it. You are too kind, too loving of a readership to pull me aside to correct such an insignificant transgression.

And with that, I will no longer stand between you and the knowledge awaiting.


Articles and videos focusing on Gums and Starches in food formulations.

Clean Label Stirred Yogurt
Ingredion Incorporated has published a new white paper titled, “Utilizing NOVATION Endura 0100 Starch in Stirred Yogurts Processed with Challenging Temperature and Homogenization Pressures.”

Expanding Acacia's Uses
The FDA is amending the food additive regulations to provide for the expanded safe use of acacia (gum arabic) in foods.

The World's Texture Market
The food texture market is expected to reach $11,840.8 million by 2018.

Functional Starch Enhances
Consumers are looking for healthier food product attributes, even in indulgent snacks, cookies and crackers. That rising demand has formulators turning to more functional starches.

Uniqueness of Modified Wheat Starch: Improved Flavor and Salt Perception, and Fiber Enhancement

Cellulosic Hydrocolloids in Formulating for Weight Management

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