And the day begins. Coffee. The brushing of teeth. Teeth first, then coffee. The pets receive their allotted share of kibble. The newspaper. The email. The tweets. A soft chair and a gaze out the window. Sunshine offers energy, while the gray of cloud cover turns thoughts toward the warmness beneath the bed's blankets. And then, at some point, it's food. What to eat to propel us through this day? The answer to that question ranks as one of the most important we will offer until tomorrow calls and we must answer it again.

We've heard it a thousand times: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

— Stoke your stove, boy!

That was the call from my uncle each morning. I would sit at the small round wood table and pour myself a glass of orange juice. Perhaps I would eat a banana. He would look at me through bites of steaming grits and shake his head.

— You'll never grow and you'll be mad at 2 p.m., every day of your life.

It was as if he were draping a curse about me, which wasn't out of the question as his family came from the murky woods outside of New Orleans. In honest admission, 2 p.m. remains my least favorite hour of the day. Perhaps it stems from my uncle's curse. More likely, it is my continued omission of breakfast, that is unless I find myself in the presence of cereal or breakfast bars. I will eat these, and 2 p.m. will arrive to find me in good spirits.

It is due to your work! I have beaten my uncle's curse because of your perseverance in the face of food formulation obstacles.
Continue your pursuit.
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