No one likes to squabble, especially when pork is roasting in the oven. It's incongruous. How could a sane human being piece together a thought that expresses frustration, perhaps even anger, while the scent of pepper encrusted pork nestled in a maple glaze drifts from the belly of a warm oven? One would think it impossible. It is with a quiet embarrassment that I admit, nay, it is not impossible.

My childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day presented himself on my doorstep evening last, and pleaded with me for a word. A word from Sherwood Day quickly becomes a novella, one that bores, one that keeps me sipping ginger ale until my bladder aches. It was in the midst of one of his wandering tales that I stood and shouted...

— You must take a cue! I have had enough!

But Sherwood, in his ever persistent manner, smiled and indicated with a nod that the pork should probably be checked. And so I opened the oven, the smell of the rich protein washing over my face. Sherwood continued his tiresome speech and I said to myself these words: I will not become incensed. This tenderloin will not allow it.

And there, even though I had allowed a quick snipe, I was calmed by pork. It could be said that my relationship with Sherwood Day had been saved, at least temporarily. Whether that is a good thing or not is left to question.

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