I know people, I'm afraid to say, that dislike soup. They find it to be a pale substitute for a plate of meat and sides. Soup, for them, if it must be digested, should be consumed in small portions prior to eating an actual meal. I scoff at this. Hak!

Soup can be satisfying, on par with a plate of Thuringer links and potato pancakes. Well, maybe not that satisfying, but pretty darned satisfying. Lentil soup. I ate it every month of my childhood. The dead of summer. What's for dinner? Lentil soup. Is there ham in that? No. Bacon? Nope. Just lentils, carrots and onions? Don't forget a bay leaf. Yum.

All of that sounds like a condemnation. However, I love lentil soup. It is one of my favorite things to eat. And though I would rather not eat it on a blistering summer evening, I will. I will! Hot foods make you cool. That's what my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day says. He's an armchair biologist and an ottoman nutritionist.

Soup! Eat up! It is a meal! It is an appetizer! It is a dessert! It is everything!


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