Caribbean Jerk Chicken soupThis fall saw Kettle Cuisine, Chelsea, Mass., introduced four all-natural, fresh soups: Chicken Enchilada, Caribbean Jerk Chicken (pictured), Moroccan Vegetable Stew and Roasted Corn & Poblano. Officials note the light cream in the Roasted Corn and Poblano comes from a farm started in 1931 by two brothers. Chicken Enchilada uses Cabot Creamery’s sustainable, award-winning cheese and Bell & Evans chicken, which is lauded by The Humane Society and PETA for their animal-welfare standards. Caribbean Jerk Chicken contains carrots from Grimmway Farms, where the Grimms insist on walking the carrot fields each day. Tomatoes in Moroccan Vegetable Stew are picked on a family farm at peak ripeness. “You can see and taste the difference,” says Kettle Cuisine’s executive chef Joseph Ascoli.