Like you, I do my best to eat healthy foods. Sometimes my best is your worst. I mean really. The dinner menu last: chips and salsa and a handful of leftover chocolate Easter eggs. Gracious. That's the diet of an unsupervised adolescent.

We do attempt better eating though, don't we? I make a point of having some fruit nearby, even if it is a black banana. And leafy greens? Absolutely. With any luck they haven't turned to liquid in my refrigerator.

My point is, I need help. Many of us lowly consumers do. We look to you, wizards of ingredients, to work your magic and put all of the healthy stuff into the foods we love to eat. Potato chips with antioxidants? Please and thank you! I cannot be trusted.

Alone, I will devour all sugar, salt and fat. It will be mine! And I will succumb to it!

Save me, dear product developers! I have no will!


Your weekly reduction!

Articles concerning Special Nutrition Products in food formulations.

Forecasting Functional
Architects say “form follows function.” When it comes to building a case for functional foods, researchers say consumer interest is forming a sizeable market.

Fortification on Children's Vitamin Consumption
Fortification of foods with additional nutrients does have an impact on kids' intake of vitamins and minerals.

State of the Nutraceutical Market
The nutraceutical ingredient market is estimated to grow to $33.6 billion in 2018.

Curcumin's Bioavailability
A study examines the bioavailability of curcumin across three different oral delivery systems.

Global Obesity Trends
Food processors around the world use new products to target obesity, diabetes.

Eat Smarter, Healthier
A report from Packaged Facts finds more Americans eating smaller portions of food more frequently throughout the day.

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